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Our Products & Services

Environmental Consultancy & Audits

1. Audits by Certified Auditors & Technical Experts:
•    3rd Party Hazardous Waste Audit
•    ISO 14000, ISO 45001 & IMS Audit
•    Sustainability Reporting
•    NetZero Carbon emission Accounting & Implementation
•    Energy Audit
•    Water & Ground Water Audit
•    Green Audit of Educational Institutions
2. Environmental Compliance Monitoring & Management
3. Performance evaluation study of pollution control equipments and monitoring systems
(ETP, STP, WTP, ESP, Bag filters, Scrubber, CAAQMS, CEMS, CEQMS, Online Data transmission)
4. Corporate & Industrial Trainings (EHS, ISO, IMS) & Awareness Campaign
5. Skill development and internship Programme for Engineering & Environmental 
students to make them Industry Ready
6. Ground water approval, water level study & Ground water Impact Assessment
7. Rainwater Harvesting Solutions
8. Research & Development


Certificate Number: TC-12219 in accordance with the standard ISO/IEC 17025:2017 for testing different parameters as per customer requirement


Design, Drawing, Supply, Installation, Commissioning, AMC of 
•    Clari-flocculation system/ Tube settlers 
•    Softener & DM Plant 
•    Ultrafiltration System
•    Nanofiltration System
•    Reverse Osmosis Plant 
•    Ozonation 
•    Re-Mineralization System 
•    Condensate Recovery System 
•    UV System
•    Multi grade sand filter & Activated carbon filter
•    Treatment system for removal of Unwanted minerals/inorganic substances like Iron, Fluoride etc. from drinking water and balancing of pH & minerals as per customer requirement 



Design, Drawing, Supply, Installation, Commissioning, AMC of Packaged/Modular STP’s with different type of technology like MBR/MBBR/SBR/RBR/ASP followed by Multi grade sand filter, activated carbon filter, UV, UF, RO system to reuse/recycle the waste water to achieve ZLD/ discharge after meeting the norms as per customer requirement


Design, Drawing, Supply, Installation, Commissioning, AMC of
•    Effluent treatment plant
•    Zero liquid discharge system 
•    Runoff water treatment plant 
•    Evaluation and modification of existing treatment plants
•    Toxic & Heavy metal removal and recovery system (Phenol, Fluoride, Cyanide, Chromium, Nickel, Arsenic etc.)
•    Sludge dewatering & Dryers


A full range of chemicals & Activated Carbon for Drinking Water Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP), RO plant, Odor removal, Disinfection, Color removal, Cooling towers and chemicals for construction activities like Diaphragm walls, piling, road making, road tackifiers, super plasticizers for RMC & Binders

WASTE MANAGEMENT (Circular Economy)

Electronic Waste (E-Waste): -
•    Collection & Dismantling, Inventory Management
•    Training and Compliance
Plastic Waste: -
•    Collection, Recycling, Disposal to Recyclers/ Co-processors
•    We are authorized by SPCB, Odisha for E Waste & Plastic Waste
•    Waste Management consultancy (Fly ash, Hazardous waste etc.)

Automated DRI Cooler Discharge & Weigh Feeder Systems

Advantage of PLC Controlled DRI Cooler Discharge

  • Minimal Dust generation as material doesn't free fall on to the conveyer

  • Continuous controlled material discharge to main conveyer improving the life of the main conveyer

  • Reduced investment in high capacity bag filters and its maintenance cost

  • Easy to monitor, check and maintain the system while in operation

  • Increases sponge iron quality

  • No change in KLIN pressure cause due to DP Valve system earlier

  • No dust accumulation near the valve and conveyer area

  • Cost Savings


OWC of Capacity 50 Kg/Day to 500 Kg/day for Residence, Canteen, Hotel, Hostel, Temples, Urban Local Bodies for converting biodegradable kitchen & food waste, Horticulture waste to manure. This Machine is portable, require less space and can convert the waste into organic compost within 24 hrs.


Supply, Installation and Commissioning

This system helps to clean the transport vehicles while entering or exiting plant premises. It helps in controlling road and environment pollution.

Electrical, Mechancial & Instrumentation

Supply, Installation and Commissioning of
•    Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) – Dust and Gaseous
•    Continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System (CAAQMS)
•    Continuous Effluent Quality Monitoring System (CEQMS)
•    Automatic Weather Monitoring Station. 
•    Surveillance Camera
•    Digital Display Board
•    Smoke detection & Alarm system
•    Flow meters (Electromagnetic, Ultrasonic, Open Channel)
•    Piezometer with Telemetry 
•    Level Transmitters (Radar, Ultrasonic & Electromechanical) 
•    Temperature Transmitter, Pressure Transmitter, Pressure Gauge, Pressure Switch
•    Data Transmission to CPCB & SPCB
•    Industrial IOT Solutions (Wired/Wireless)


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